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2020 Trend of Korean dramas based on Webtoons

The hit of [Cheese in the Trap], [Incomplete Life], and [Itaewon Class], which was followed one after another, showed the potential of a Korean drama based on a webtoon. How perfectly in sync the actors are with the original characters is the key success factor for webtoon original dramas.

"As the entertainment industry has faced the difficulty of finding original scripts, it has begun to focus on web-toons that cover a range of themes."

Webtoon has been a breakthrough for Korean content creators. In particular, in the first half of 2020, the content market was led by [Itaewon Class], the theme of a genuine and kind protagonist who has an unrivaled character punishing the villain.

source: tvN, True Beauty

In the second half of the year, the drama [True Beauty] created on the basis of a web-toon of the same name is scheduled to air on TVN and Netflix. It is a romantic comedy that tells the story of Ju-Kyung, who is insecure about her appearance and uses makeup to make herself look attractive to the world. She meets Su-Ho, a boy with a hidden scar in his heart, and they grow as they share their secrets.

[True Beauty] is already attracting a lot of attention from global beauty companies, aiming to make Product Placements, as it is necessary to mention a range of beauty items as the story unfolds.

The 'K-Zombie' craze represented by [Peninsula] and [Kingdom] will also continue. The Netflix Original [Now at Our School], based on a web-toon of the same name, has been confirmed to be released. Unlike the [Kingdom], where the story unfolds in the history of the Chosun Dynasty (Korean dynasty), it takes place in a modern Korean school. It is expected that the content will show a different charm of the K-zombie.

As the boundaries between different types of media content crumbled, more synergies started to emerge. Webtoon based content has the advantage in terms of the different themes they explore, but also in terms of popularity, due to the fact that it already has a fan base. As a result, the popularity and importance of Korean webtoons as an original source of film and TV content is expected to increase.