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Alibaba Pictures Sets Up Their New Film Production Studio, ‘Surprise Works’

FYI) Alibaba is the largest Chinese film company by worth, under Alibaba Group which is a Chinese multinational technology company specializing in e-commerce, retail, Internet, and techonolgy.

Photo Source : Web Retailer

Alibaba Pictures has established the In-house Film Studio, called ‘Surprise Works’. Until now, Alibaba Pictures has focused on investment and distribution rather than producing local contents. Alibaba is expected to introduce works that are linked to the e-commerce ecosystem that the group has built by strengthening its production capabilities in the new studio.

In China, there were more Internet films produced every year (movies provided on streaming platforms) than theater films traditionally, but the number of two film productions has been gradually becoming similar. In 2019, 620 theatrical films and 700 Internet films were produced. However, as the number of movies on the Internet increased due to the pandemic, 286 movies were produced last year and 677 were produced on the Internet.

According to Alibaba executives, Surprise Works currently has a lineup of 20 films for theater or streaming and plans to release 10 films in the next three years. They introduce the characteristics of the new brand as new, sharp, and interesting and the direction of the studio as “the unique theme and the young perspective.”

Surprise Works plans to produce films in three categories, including "current youth," "interesting lives," and science fiction genres in the near future. Surprise Works said it is expecting to show the second film directed by Wei Shujun, new film from author and actor of popular crime movie <Da Ren Wu> from China last year, and <Goodbye Amist Love> of Teng Cong Cong who directed <Send Me to the Clouds>.