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[Asian Leadership Conference] Blintn's Media Sessions

What is ALC?

The Asian Leadership Conference (ALC) is a prestigious event that has featured speakers such as Barack Obama, David Cameron, and Reed Hastings, as well as other renowned global political and financial figures. The media sessions in this year’s ALC were planned and operated by BLINTN.

Who is BLINTN?

blintn is a production funding and distribution platform, based in Korea, U.S., and China. blintn provides services that enhance the satisfaction of producers, investors, and distributors with its combination of diverse global networks in the media industry and high-quality data analysis.

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Session 1 (June 30)

After the Pandemic: the Symbiotic Relationship Between OTT Platform & Content

The session focused on the synergetic relationship between OTT and content in the midst of the pandemic. They talked about how the media landscape has altered dramatically since the COVID-19 outbreak.

Session 2 (June 30)

The Past, Present, and the Future of Hong Kong Cinema

The session had an in-depth analysis of the current market in the Hong Kong content industry, as well as the strategy for the future.

Session 3 (July 1)

Will Content be the ‘Gold’ of the 21st Century?

In this session, the speakers forecasted if the content could maintain its golden age after COVID and how content will be utilized, transformed, and distributed in the quickly changing market.

Session 4 (July 1)

Transforming Unique British Ideas and Storytelling into Local Hits: The Global Format Strategy for BBC Studios

In this session, the speaker shared insights on how the BBC became a force in format sales and what the future holds for the global format business.

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