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Big Leap of Kakao as a Global Content and Entertainment Platform

FYI) Kakao is one of the most influential IT company in Korea which owns more several contents platforms including web-based cartoon and novel. It is planning to launch a video streaming service in Japanese subsidiary.

It has been found out that Kakao has become the largest shareholder of Kadokawa.

Kakao made a strategic investment in Kadokawa to supply IP (intellectual property rights) of original stories to Kakao Japan's local content service platform ‘Piccoma'. This move is attracting attention with Naver's acquisition of Watpad, a Canadian web novel platform operator around the same time. Piccoma has established itself as the number one operator in the local digital comics market. Since last July, it has surpassed Naver Line’s 'Line Manga' on Google Play and App Store's Japanese accounts and has ranked first in non-game app sales. Among Kakao's services, it can be the first successful overseas market development case. (Photo source : Amazon, Wikipedia from the left)

Pic : Kadokawa

Recently, the merger between Kakao Page and Kakao M has also been announced. It is to leap into a global entertainment company by combining IP assets and platforms. The name of the newly merged corporation is Kakao Entertainment, and they will plan to accelerate their targeting in the global entertainment market.

Pic : Kakao Page

Kakao Page has established the original story IP value chain and global IP platform network. Combination of Kakao Page and Kakao M, which has created a value chain for content business such as music, drama, movies, digital, and performances, this newly merged corporation will hold an unique position in the global market. It will also expand content IP focusing on the planning and producing powerful ‘super IP’, targeting the global market and diversify business across all entertainment fields.

This demonstrates its determination to grow into a global entertainment company by securing competitiveness through combining content and digital platform. Competition in the global entertainment industry is expected to intensify, as giant IT and distribution corporations challenge themselves as the emerging power, while high-quality media contents that global consumers can approach on digital platforms will be more diversified카카오+카도카와