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Binggrae Signature Ice cream ‘Melona bar’ Featured in Hong Kong Drama “Single Papa”

Recently, Binggrae's flagship ice cream product ‘Melona bar’ appeared in a scene in “Single Papa” and continues to make headway in the global market. This 20-episode series “Single Papa– 暖男爸爸,” is about a life of a forty-year old single father raising his only son, after losing his wife in an accident. While he ran a convenience store for living, he steadily became a warm-hearted man who learned how to love and to sacrifice for love.

Source: ‘Melona bar’ appeared in a scene in “Single Papa”

Co-directed by Peter Tsi, Tony Law and Patrick Leung, and produced by Tsi, Cyrus Ho and Connie Tam. “Single Papa” began airing last week (Oct. 26) on Viu, the Hong Kong-based video-streaming provider ( that was launched in the Philippines in 2016. Viu is also known for its voluminous library, including hit dramas like “Descendants of the Sun,” ,“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?,” “The Heirs” and even such delectable titles like Bong Joon-ho’s “Parasite” and Cannes winner “Burning.”

Source: TV Series “Single Papa– 暖男爸爸”, Viu

Getting back to the point! Binggrae, one of the South Korea's local confectionery titans, has seen a sales bonanza overseas over the past year. Binggrae brand used to be a product mainly pursued by local consumers, but it has now grown to export its products to 30 countries, with overseas sales totaling 33 billion won last year. While its steady-seller product ‘banana-flavored milk’ has been enormously popular in China, the United States was the top importer, accounting for 30 percent of the total, and followed by Vietnam bought up 18 percent.

The ice cream market in Korea has seen a steady drop in recent years, Binggrae's domestic sales decreased by 4.2 percent from 337 billion won in 2018 to 323.5 billion won last year. On the contrary, its overseas sales skyrocketed 25.1 percent to 37.3 billion won from 29.8 billion won. Riding on the popularity of Korean culture and due to the stay-at-home restriction, many overseas consumers have started to stock up for lock-downs during the outbreak and the K-food industry was one of the few that benefited from the pandemic.

This year, Binggrae also developed its localization strategy to launch its matcha & red bean popsicles in Singapore and make this limited flavor only exclusively available outside of Korea.

Source: Binggrae's new matcha flavor

You may still recall the signature noodle dish, referred to as Jjapaguri "ram-don" in the subtitles of Bong Joon-ho's film, was once an internet sensation of its own. And the company Nongshim also benefited from the Parasite effect and demand skyrocketed.

Source: Nongshim's Jjapaguri(instant noodle) featured in movie 'Parasite'

In the past few years, we have seen many foreign brands have featured their products in Korean drama, however with the globalization of K-food and continuous rise in K-wave, there will be more Product placement(PPL) cases like Binggrae’s Melona Bar in a Hong Kong drama in the future.