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Building Cultural Interactions through Remake Content

In recent years, there has been an excitement in the Japanese drama industry for remakes of Korean dramas. Among them, ‘Signal’ was the drama that received the most attention in Korea and Japan even before its airing. The Korean drama ‘Signal’ was remade and Sakaguchi Kentaro, a rising actor in Japan, took part as the main character. Japanese remake of ‘Signal’ premiered on April 10 in 2018. The ratings for the first episode were 9.7% for Kanto region and 12.9% for Kansai region.

TV series <Signal> Poster, Kansai TV, source Kansai TV

The drama also began to draw more attention as BTS sang the OST of the Japanese version of "Signal." The theme song "Do Not Leave Me" was enough to relate with the audience’s emotions as it harmonized well with the drama's storyline.

One famous TV show critic in Japan wrote in the ‘S Korea’ Journal, "’Signal’ adjusts color, chroma, and brightness, making it feel more like a movie. I think ‘Signal’ could have been produced with this quality because ‘Signal’ was produced by Kansai Television, which has aspect as a production studio rather than a broadcasting system. In addition, the decision to not use sound effects or BGMs according to the storyline of the drama has been very effective. Lastly, Sakagushi Kentaro’s performance was over the top,” praising the Japanese version of ‘Signal.

Meanwhile, the remake fever is also hot in the film industry. ‘Be With You’, a Japanese movie, has been remade in Korea and has attracted more than 2 million viewers. ‘Be With You’ is a Japanese film based on the novel written by Takuji Ichikawa, and is called one of the masterpiece in Japanese films. When the Korean version was released it was praised for being as equally as good as the original version.

Through the remake relationships, countries can interact and connect to one another. The remake of ‘Signal’ and ‘Be With You’ is a perfect example of building interactions in culture through remake content.

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