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“Digital Marketing Strategies Utilizing Southeast Asia OTTs”

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Digital Dime Utilizes OTT platforms to boost digital marketing

Southeast Asian regions are being one of the most important market in media industry, with its great potential and growing number of consumers and OTT platforms. Viu & FPT Play’s Korean official master reseller "digitalDigm" indicated that marketing instances employing local OTT platforms are expanding amid aggressive non-face-to-face foreign promoting actions using digital due to Covid-19. Because Southeast Asia is one of the locations where K-culture is widely consumed, the OTT market for popular Korean content is constantly expanding. As a result, marketing techniques based on Viu and FPT Play, OTT platforms with strong usage rates in Southeast Asia, are gaining traction.

Local OTT platforms Viu and FPT Play, which provide services in major Southeast Asian nations such as Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, are particularly prominent platforms that fight with global OTT service Netflix for first and second place. In May, for example, the Gyeongbuk Culture and Tourism Organization ran a campaign on the FPT Play channel to promote appealing tourist locations and tourism resources based on Vietnam, a significant target market, and received 410,000 video advertising. It also drew a lot of attention because it received more than five times the amount of clicks expected. The Incheon Tourism Organization, for example, ran a successful Viu media campaign targeting Thailand and the Philippines, the two Southeast Asian nations with the most visitors, with an average click rate of roughly 3%. Samsung Electronics is rumored to be aiming to extend its annual campaign promotion based on its strong success.


"The two largest e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, Shopee and Lazada, are also actively employing Viu and FPT Play media for clients with consumption power. Through OTT advertising, we will be able to assist companies/brands who have entered the Southeast Asian E-commerce market in attracting customers and increasing sales." stated a Digital Dime.

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