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Disney is making K-content based on famous Korean webtoons

Photo Source : Yonhap & Design Minute

“The Korean film industry has grown to become one of the top five global markets. By the end of the year, We will introduce Disney Plus in Korea with 'K Content' focused on Korean intellectual property.”

Korean content such as "Sweet Home" and "Seungri-ho(Space Sweepers)" will be

created through Disney. According to Luke Kang, president of the Walt Disney Company's

Photo Source : Youtube

Asia-Pacific zone, "Disney Plus," an over-the-top service (OTT), will launch in Korea this year. Kang was interviewed at Walt Disney's Korean office in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, to commemorate the company's 30th anniversary in Korea.

With more than 100 million viewers worldwide in a year and four months, Disney Plus, which launched in the United States in 2019, is posing a challenge to Netflix. In Asia, it only serves Singapore and Japan. President Kang said, "It took time to start the service to prepare original contents based on Korean intellectual property." Its strategy is to release contents based on Korean webtoons and novels like Netflix.

He seemed to be confident in the Netflix rivalry. "In addition to the commonly known Avengers and Frozen, there are many other hit films such as the American TV series Prison Break, 24, the movie Titanic and Avatar," he stressed. Walt Disney is a comprehensive entertainment and media group founded in 1923 and celebrated its 98th anniversary this year. It has a large number of content brands such as 20th Century Studio, Pixar, Marvel Studio, National Geographic, Star, and ABC.

Photo Source : Disney

He also mentioned that he intends to work with Korean content companies in the future. "As a company with know-how and excellent production capabilities, we aim to expand by cooperating with Korean companies," said President Kang. Regarding the recent global attention of K-content such as Parasite and Minari, he also expressed his opinion that it is time for not only K-content but also K-global media and content companies to come out.

Kang said, "Disney Korea pushed hard to film 'Avengers 2' and 'Black Panther' in Korea. The director and many staff visited Korea, and afterwards, they chose Korea as one of the best filming locations,” he said. "I'd like to contribute to the growth of K-content."