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Famous K-contents are being remade all over the world

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Korean content has recently attracted the attention of international broadcasters. As consumption of content increases due to COVID-19, more broadcasters are trying to borrow the format of Korean dramas and entertainment shows that are highly competitive and commercial. According to the Korea Content Agency's survey of major Korean broadcasters last year, 102 Korean broadcasting formats have been exported to 65 countries around the world in the last ten years. The proportion of North America and Europe, including the U.S., Britain, and France, has also increased to 34% of the total exports since 2016, and the influence of K-content has expanded, with regions except Asia also increasing to 48%.

Endless Remakes of K-dramas

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Remakes have the advantage of being able to schedule and produce more consistently based on previous successes. It saves time and resources because it already has a good plot structure and just needs to pay attention to localization, such as character and metabolic changes. As a result, broadcasters all over the world prefer remakes of Korean dramas. Representatively, ABC's

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"The Good Doctor," a remake of KBS's "Good Doctor" (2013), is so popular that season 4 is currently airing. The Turkish drama "Mihija," which remade KBS 2TV's "My Daughter Seo Young," recorded 17.4% of the viewership in the first episode.

Philippines has recently been the hottest location for Korean dramas. The Philippine TV5 channel will remake tvN's "Boyfriend," starring actors Song Hye-kyo and Park Bo-gum, as "Encounter," in a Filipino version. "I was drawn to the drama with a common theme of love and a tale about an unintentional encounter," said the head of VIVA's content team, which was in charge of the remake.

Thailand's affection for Korean content is also enormous. "Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight," which first aired in 2016, was remade as "Let's Fight Ghost" on Thailand's Pay TV channel, and was immediately placed at the top as it was released on Netflix in Thailand. Remaking is also common in Japan, the birthplace of Korean content adoration. Remakes of Korean dramas such as “Good Doctor,” “You're Beautiful,” "My Boss, My Hero,” and “Familiar Wife” earned the majority of votes in a recent poll conducted by Japanese rating website under the theme of Top 10 Japanese dramas based on overseas works.

Increasing Remakes of K-entertainment Contents

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In the case of entertainment shows, "The Masked Singer," which has been remade in 53 countries, as well as "Grandpa over Flowers" and "You Quiz on the Block," have all been suggested for remakes in other countries. Because of its massive success in other European countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, the Spanish version of " The Masked Singer" attracted a lot of attention even before it premiered last year. It recorded an amazing 27.4% viewer rating in the first episode. "Korean broadcasting programs are also being exported to the world as an axis of the Korean Wave along with movies and K-pop," Spanish media reported at the time. "I Can See Your Voice," which premiered in 2015 and will run until season 8, is also popular outside of the United States. The American version of "ICSYV," which premiered last year on the FOX terrestrial channel, aired at 9 p.m., prime time, and ranked first in the 18-49 demographic at the time of its first broadcast. As a result, K-content is now well-known in international markets for its excellent value. As multinational conglomerates and broadcasters across the world continue to invest in Korean content, attention is focused on how they can use the rapidly growing K-content market.