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Fox Launch Another Prime-Time Game Show ‘Cherries Wild’ with Pepsi Wild Cherry

“Cherries Wild”? You may think the name of the show is too similar to the name of the popular soda brand. And that is right! Fox and Pepsi teamed up to launch a new game show meant to evoke thoughts of their well-known Wild Cherry beverage that Pepsi aims to target younger consumers.

While this is the first Fox show inspired by a Pepsi product, however the brand has a longstanding relationship with the network. They first worked together on Fox’s music competition series “The X Factor” as a major sponsor in 2010 and most recently partnered on the network’s drama “Empire” brand integration in 2015.

(Photo Source: Jamal Lyon (not pictured) and Lucious Lyon (not pictured) meet with Pepsi executives, from 'Empire' episode 'My Bad Parts.' Credit: Fox Broadcasting Co.)

In hip-hop drama “Empire”, Pepsi featured prominently in three-episode run as part of a paid integration, featuring in an extended plotline in which lead Jamal Lyon is approached by Pepsi to become the new face of the brand.

Over the years, as more people are avoiding watching commercials, soon the viewers have learned to skip the ads. Advertisers have found ways to infiltrate shows and, increasingly, story-lines become a smart way to embed the brand into programming.

Specifically, this format is produced by Fox Alternative Entertainment (FAE), Fox Entertainment’s in-house unscripted studio. Kauble will serve as executive producer of the series.

According to Variety, in this upcoming half-an-hour game show, contestants will navigate their way through two rounds of pop-culture trivia in hopes of winning a $250,000 jackpot. At the end of each episode, contestants will try to capture five Wild Cherries from a giant slot machine to win.

(Photo Source: Image of upcoming game show, Fox)

“This is a bold concept that best illustrates the limitless possibilities that can be accomplished when two great brands join forces to deliver audiences a wildly entertaining program and an equally dazzling product,” Rob Wade, president of alternative entertainment and specials at Fox Entertainment, said in a statement.

Behind this bold move is Pepsi’s agency Omnicom Media Group(OMD) and The Content Collective—OMD’s entertainment and content marketing division—to structure and finalize the “Cherries Wild” partnership.

“Now more than ever, consumers are looking for content that entertains them in new ways and formats, as the media landscape continues to rapidly evolve. I couldn’t be more excited for Pepsi to collaborate with Fox Entertainment on a new, primetime game show that will deliver exciting and engaging content for fans at home,” Todd Kaplan, vp of marketing for Pepsi, said in a statement.

For many years, Fox has a strong track record partnering with various brands across different industries to create unique shows. In 2017, the network debuted Beat Shazam, a game show based on the popular song-identification app. And last February, it also built a second show around a popular brand, Lego, with Lego Masters.

(Photo Source: Corinne Foxx and Jamie Foxx in a promo photo for Beat Shazam)

As more brands jumped into the battle for more eyeballs, it seems blending your ad messages into programs may cost you a big bucks. However, the continuous “authentic collaboration” like Mountain Dew in AMC’s The Walking Dead seems to have proven is a more creative and effective method.