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‘Friends’ gathered once more, this Time led by HBO Max

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Good news from the United States has been heard in real time across the water, which has sparked the nostalgia of Generation X. This is due to the release of ‘Friends: The Reunion’, an American drama series that has taken the young sitcom phenomenon to the rest of the world.

Friends is a sitcom that aired from 1994 to 2004 about the lives and friendships of six friends in Manhattan, New York.

'Friends,' an old-fashioned drama, was available on Netflix till 2019, and was well-liked as an ongoing entertainment. Warner Media, which owns the rights to Friends, has brought the show to life by creating HBO MAX, its own OTT (over-the-top) service. ‘Friends: Reunion’ was planned as an original content to bring up HBO Max, but due to Covid-19, it was way behind schedule.

HBO Max is a late entrant into the worldwide OTT competition. Nonetheless, with its parent firm, which is a 'content powerhouse' on its back, HBO Max is attempting to grab both viewers and advertising companies. They recently announced aggressive sales initiatives in the United States, including a new OTT advertising solution.

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To recall the final episode of Friends, you'll have to go back to May 6, 2004. Monica and Chandler adopted boy-girl twins and relocated to the suburbs from New York City. Ross eventually marries Rachel, who refuses to board her trip in order to be with him. Joey is still a singleton, albeit a slightly more mature one than in previous seasons, while Phoebe is married to Mike (Paul Rudd).

Fans of ‘Friends’ were treated to a long number of celebrity guests. Is it even a Friends episode if there aren't any strange guest stars at any point?

Celebrities such as David Beckham, Justin Beiber, BTS, James Cordan and many more appeared in the special. "Friends," which is set in the 1990s and involves nostalgia, appears to have been a good anchor of HBO Max, with 29 percent of streaming rates. Let us wait and see what kind of original content HBO Max will bring next.

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