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Games to Dramas, Chinese Web-drama “CrossFire” is being a huge hit!

Chinese Web-drama content “CrossFire” (Chinese name: 穿越火线), which is originated from the story of Smilegate's FPS game “crossfire”, had reached a satisfactory result in China.

"CrossFire", airing on Tencent Video, hit a total of 270 million views for a week from 27 July to 2 August 2020, ranking third in the weekly Chinese drama rankings.

(1st place goes to “Nothing but Thrity, 三十而已"/2,220 million views, depicting the work and love of women in their 30's and the 2nd place goes to "The song of glory, 锦绣南歌"/440 million views, a romantic historical drama)

"CrossFire" set in the two eras of 2008 and 2019, and despite living in different years the pro gamers ' Lu Xiao Bei' and 'Xiao Feng ' transcend space and time as they chance upon each other within the same game. As they strive to become the best Crossfire pro gamers, the story draws a journey of their growth. The success despite the unconventional/fresh subject, which is e-sports in the Chinese content market where traditional romance genre dramas are preferred, shows the possibility of producing a new genre. "CrossFire", which cost USD 40 million for production, was created in the form of where game producer providing subjects and stories, a drama producer producing contents, and finally an online streaming service broadcasting it.

image source: Smilegate

As global content producers are having difficulty in ‘finding innovative and attractive subjects’, the competition for finding new possibilities in webtoons (online comics) and web fictions is intensifying. To global content producers, the success of "CrossFire" must be joyful news.

Especially in the Asian market, Korea is an e-sports powerhouse and a place where successful games such as “Battle Ground” / “Dungeon & Fighter” were born. Especially since China has a large number of enthusiasts who enjoy mobile and online games, it is expected that the production of drama content based on games targeting them will be produced more and more in the future.

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