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Global Brands are Paying Attention to Korean Dramas for Product Placement (Brand Integration)


Global brands such as ‘Montblanc’, ‘Jimmy Choo’, and ‘Salvatore Ferragamo’ have appeared in The World of the Married, The King: Eternal Monarch, and Crash Landing on You. It appeared as product placement (brand integration) in these shows. Global brands have recently begun to pay more attention to reaching out to Korean content that is popular through Netflix. They are actively seeking opportunities to integrate their brand from the production stage of the shows. In addition, they are considering the webtoon (online comic) market for product placement (brand integration) as well.


Until now branded entertainment of luxury brands has not been carried boldly because the Korean luxury goods market is much smaller than China and the United States. However, Korean content’s popularity is soaring globally through global OTT services.

Webtoon (online comic) is also beginning to gain competitiveness in the global market after the success of ‘Solo Leveling’ Global luxury brands are following these changes, expecting a change in the product placement (brand integration) market.

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