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Competitiveness of OTT Services, Its’ Personalization Services

Currently, the OTT market is constantly growing as the number of media contents are increasing exponentially. The OTT services are not only competing on their content itself but also its personalized search services, providing a differentiated service has become a crucial factor in OTT market. For example, Netflix offers about 1,500 TV series and 4,000 movie contents, while Amazon Prime Video has about 20,000 contents, Disney+ subscribers can watch about 7,000 TV program episodes and 500 movies. Amid this situation, there is a growing consensus that another role of the OTT platform is not to show all the content to users, but to help them "effectively find the content that viewers want to see." The focus is not that there are not enough contents to watch, but identifying an effective way for viewers to find content is the key.

Home Entertainment News Media ‘Media Play News’ said, "Consumers are interested in both value and choice," adding, "Although the number of content options has greatly expanded over the past few years, finding content is becoming more complicated because of the expansion of options." In fact, it is not easy to find the content that viewers want; as it is argued that they spend almost an hour a day searching for video content. It is clear that services that solve this problem through customized services can secure an advantageous position in the OTT streaming war. In this context, many video streaming providers, including Netflix, are already using artificial intelligence to provide personalized services for users.

Artificial intelligence is the technology that OTT platforms use the most for content recommendation services. Through artificial intelligence, thousands of contents are analyzed and classified into various sectors such as genres, types, actors, and actors. Based on these sectors, contents that users will like are recommended. Users will be able to access a variety of contents that were not accessible through the existing search method, and from the perspective of the OTT platform, users will be able to access contents that they want to watch much easily, and time effectively.

Netflix has established an artificial intelligence recommendation service that analyzes content viewing time and location information of frequently clicked screens when searching. The more frequently the service is used by users, the better the performance can be achieved, and the accuracy is improved every year as user data accumulates. This is one of the reasons why Netflix currently ranks as number 1 in OTT platforms.

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