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“Josee”: A Korean Adaptation of The Japanese Feature Film After Its Animation Remake

The romance film "Josee," based on the famous Japanese original movie “Josee, the Tiger and the Fish(2004)”, which is also based on a 1984 Japanese short story by author Seiko Tanabe.

Starring seasoned actress Han Ji-min and Nam Joo-hyuk, the upcoming Korean adaptation is set to hit theaters in Asia this month, according to the film’s distributor Warner Bros Korea. Singapore will be the first country to release the film on Dec.10, the same day as Korea, followed by Taiwan the following day, Vietnam, Indonesia and Hong Kong, on Dec. 18, 23 and 31, respectively.

(Image Source: A scene from the film "Josee", WARNER BROS KOREA)

Warner Bros Korea said the film has also been sold for release in other countries including Canada, the United States, China and Japan. An official from K Movie Entertainment, a local sale and distribution company revealed that “overseas distributors have been showing interest in ‘Josee’ since the early stage of its sales as it’s a well-made romance flick that’s coming out for the first time in many years.”

Besides the Korean remake, its animated remake of this coming-of-age story also received good reviews at Busan International Film Festival as the closing film.

(Image Source: A scene from the animation "Josee")

Different from the original film, which tells the story of a girl in a wheelchair, Josee(her nickname)'s growth and romance with a bittersweet angle, the animated version creates a fantasy that Josee is successfully better off and even has the courage to help others.

Image Source: Official Poster of "Josee", provided by Warner Bros Korea)

Good original novel and film can be tricky to remake. It might disappoint those who have strong memories of the 2003 live-action film and however by remaining true to the original and adjusting it a bit for the passage of time and to be more relevant to the Korean setting, the remake seemed to do justice to the original material and may have elevated it to a new level.

Nevertheless, it seems to satisfy a wider range of fans who need a heartwarming story especially in an uncertain time.

The film also marks Han’s second team up with actor Nam Joo-hyuk, who plays Young-seok, adapted from Tsuneo’s character in the original film. Previously, Han and Nam earned praises for their heart-wrenching love story in JTBC romance TV series “The Light in Your Eyes” (2019).