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Korean Movie <Space Sweepers> Ranked The World’s Most Watched Movie On Netflix A Day After Release

While the domestic broadcasting and film market is stagnant due to COVID-19, Korean content is playing an active role on global streaming sites. Korea's first space-background SF film, <Space Sweepers>, ranked the world’s most watched movie on Netflix a day after it was released simultaneously around the world.

Photo Source : Korea JoongAng Daily

<Space Sweepers> topped the Netflix film category a day after it was released on streaming service (OTT) Netflix on the 5th. On the 6th, the day after its release, it was ranked first in 16 countries, including Korea, Belgium, Bulgaria, and the Philippines, and the following day, France, Norway, Sweden, and Russia were added, ranking first in a total of 27 countries. As of the 7th, Netflix ranks fifth in the U.S. and Britain and third in Japan, ranking high in the countries where Netflix is serviced.

Photo Source : Yonhap News

The movie <Space Sweepers> is the first Korean science fiction film set in space. The movie <Space Sweepers> was scheduled to be released last summer, with a production cost of 24 billion won (approximately 2.2 million dollar) alone. However, due to the delayed release of the movie due to COVID-19, the movie eventually went to Netflix instead of being distributed in domestic theaters. As the movie was able to meet audiences from all over the world at the same time, this became another opportunity for it.

Cho Sung-hee, the director of this movie, mentioned that Korean movies and TV series are now in the process of expanding, and we expect that there will be as many new attempts as Hollywood when it becomes more familiar to global audiences.

Photo Source : Beebom

Although the film and broadcasting industries are struggling with COVID-19, some films are making remarkable achievements on various streaming platforms. Under the rapidly changing media industry, securing diversified production, distribution, and investment strategies is expected to become more important for the contents going for global success.