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Korean Production Company "A story" makes a leap forward as a comprehensive entertainment studio

A story, the production company of the Netflix original <Kingdom> series, which has gained high popularity in the global market and is currently producing <Cliffhanger(working title: Jiri mountain)>, has announced that it will make a new leap forward to become a comprehensive entertainment studio.

It is planning to increase the number of drama content produced. Currently, A Story is creating < Cliffhanger > featuring the main actor Gianni Jun from < My Love From the Star > and Ji Hoon Ju, the leading actor in the < Kingdom > series.

Also, they are producing the drama < Cheat on me, if you can > starring the lead actor "Yeo-jeong Jo" from the Oscar-winning film < Parasite > and < Big mouse > written by the writer crew of the drama < Vagabond >. In addition, a detailed production schedule for the global seasonal tent pole works (tentpole is a program or film that supports the financial performance of a content studio or television network) released at the time they went public will be sequentially announced.

source: <kingdom> poster, A story

Starting with the tent pole drama, which pioneered a new business model in the age of the global OTT in 2020, A story aims to present more than one piece of global tent pole work in the seasonal format every year. As it produces multiple works, including the global tent pole dramas for OTTs, it is set to become a comprehensive entertainment studio beginning in 2021, which is projected to have quantum revenue and profit leaps.

source: logo, A story

To this end, they are aggressively recruiting the best experts in each industry and are aiming to complete the human resource composition for the significant change by the end of this year. In addition, it plans to actively pursue a new business via IP expansion. As an extension of this goal, a mobile action game is currently being developed in partnership with "Action Square," a mobile game company that has developed "Blade."

The growth of A story, which successfully launched the global content < Kingdom >, seems to be expected by many content lovers. As A story has shown, many cases are expected in the future for Korean content producers to take off as a comprehensive entertainment studio by building global awareness through creating synergies with global OTT platforms.

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