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Marvel Comic’s Korean-American Superheroine “Silk” is going on TV

Recently, Marvel has announced its production of a TV series centered on “Silk”.

Sony, which owns the rights to the Spider-man Universe, is in control of the production of “Silk”, as she is a hero in that universe. The scenario of “Silk” is in talks to be written by the Korean-American ‘Lauren Moon’, the writer of the Netflix Original <Atypical>. ‘Phil Lord' and 'Christopher Miller' are executive producers of the 'Spiderman New Universe.'

After the news of the production of 'Silk' was revealed, the American entertainment media 'Screen Rant' received the attention to recommending the five Asian actresses that are suitable for 'Cindy Moon,' the main role of 'Silk.'

Among 5 candidates, Korean actress "Park-so-dam" from <Parasite> and "Suzi" from <VEGABOND> was also included.

‘’Park-So-Dam has demonstrated her ability to bring out the most charismatic side of a manipulator with self-indulgent intentions in <Parasite>,” said ‘Screen Rent’ and as she has gained international prominence from it. For Suzi, they mentioned, “Although she has yet to debut in Hollywood, her impressive career in Korean movies and TV shows makes her a great choice for the role of Cindy Moon.”.

source: Marvel Comics

from the left, Park So Dam and Suzi

With the appearance of Korean actors ‘Claudia Kim’ and ‘Don Lee’ in Marvel Comics content, it is very meaningful that two Korean actors have again been spotlighted as the candidate of the leading actor of ‘Silk’.

The current disadvantages of casting in global content production are expected to be knocked down rapidly as Hollywood continues to create movie content featuring Asian characters with Asian actors. It is exciting to see all the diverse content that will be created in the global content market.

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