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Netflix announced a new release of Korean content, will it gain worldwide popularity like <Kingdom>?

Netflix offers a variety of content as a theater. Among them, it is noteworthy that the reaction to Korean content is hot. From the original Netflix series Kingdom to the Extracurricular series, positive reactions and success have been received from all over the world.

Let's take a look at some Korean content announced to be released on Netflix, which will continue the popularity of Korean content.

1. Move to heaven

<Move to Heaven> is a Netflix original series that stands out with a peculiar theme called 'Estate Organizer.'

The plot unfolds as 'Sang-gu,' who has just been released from jail, becomes the temporary guardian of his nephew, 'Gru,' who has suddenly emerged, and runs 'Move to Heaven,' an estate organizer. The story is mostly about telling the stories that the dead has left while operating the estate organizer.

(source: mydramalist)

2. Sweet Home

Sweet Home is a Netflix original series based on webtoon, which is a popular work with a total number of views approaching 500 million.

Sweet Home is an adventure thriller. Hyeon-soo, a high school student who lived an isolated, lonely life in an apartment that had lost his family, confronts people who have become odd monsters expressing their ambition and greed. Cooperation and confrontation between the survivors in the enclosed space and the attempt to reason the greed of the monster-give an intense sense of immersion.

Since the original work has achieved a strong reputation, the expectations are high.

(source: naverwebtoon)

3. The Sea of Tranquility

Netflix's new original series 'The Sea of Tranquility' has gained a lot of attention thanks to the famous Korean actor Jung Woo-sung, who has participated as a director.

'The Sea of Tranquility' is a science-fiction mystery thriller that tells the story of elite crew members gathering enigmatic samples from a research base abandoned on the moon against the backdrop of a future world destroyed by the loss of vital resources.

The actress Bae Doona, who draw worldwide attention to the Netflix original 'Kingdom' series, and the actor Gong Yoo, who was loved by the film 'Train to Busan' and the drama 'Goblin,' are getting more expectations as they joined the lead role.

(Source: Netflix)