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Netflix Opens Online Stores with Limited-Edition Items for Fans

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Netflix announced that it will open an online store to sell limited-edition apparel, lifestyle goods, and collectibles based on “Stranger Things,” “Lupin,” and other popular shows. will launch in the United States on Thursday and will spread to other countries in the following months, according to a blog post from Netflix. The online shop is Netflix's first direct into the commerce market. It follows the company's prediction that 2021 will be the first year in which it will be able to fund its own programs without relying on outside funding.

Netflix's new subscriber growth fell short of Wall Street expectations in April. The online store provides Netflix with a new revenue stream while also expanding its product line beyond what it sells through partners like Target and Walmart. The online store will feature "carefully selected high-quality clothes and leisure products," according to the company.

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Netflix has announced that streetwear and action figures based on the anime shows "Yasuke" and "Eden," as well as clothes and decorative goods inspired by the French crime thriller "Lupin," will be available this month. The Louvre museum collaborated on the "Lupin" items. The business hopes to release merchandise based on the hit shows "The Witcher" and "Stranger Things" in the future, as well as Netflix logo-wear from Japanese design brand BEAMS.

The video streaming leader is up against many new competitors who are launching their own streaming services with new movies and TV shows. Thus, Netflix's push into new categories based on its intellectual property could be in the follow of the footsteps of Disney and NBCUniversal, which have long marketed products to monetize the characters, stories, and brands they bring to life on screen. We'll have to wait and see if new online store can help Netflix reclaim its position among the market's other players.

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