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Netflix's Spanish Crime Drama Series “Money Heist” Getting a Korean Remake

The hugely popular Spanish crime series “Money Heist”, currently available on Netflix, is getting a 12-episode Korean remake.

A still from 'Money Heist'. (Courtesy of/Netflix)

The Korean adaptation of “Money Heist” will be helmed by Kim Hong-sun, who has produced OCN dramas like “The Guest”, “Voice” and “Black”. The script will be undertaken by Ryu Yong-jae and team, whose credits include the Netflix original series “My Holo Love” and tvN series “Psychopath Diary”. The production is to be a collaboration between BH Entertainment, which made the movie A Single Rider, and Contents Zium, which made Itaewon Class.

‘Money Heist’, which has been introduced to the world through Netflix since 2017. Netflix soon acquired the rights to this hit drama after its second season released in Spain and since then the show caused a wild sensation around the world with the story of a man called “the professor”. Under his leadership, a highly selected group was trained for 5 months in an idyllic place in the countryside near Madrid and determined to plan and carry out the largest heist in history. The series shows fundamental truths on leadership, management, teams, and organizations.

The heist means robbery. The title in Spanish, house of paper, creates an illusion of a building made of fragile material that can easily be knocked down and offers little protection and value. The fourth season that showed in April was seen by 65 million people globally in the first four weeks of its release.

Álex Pina, the executive producer of Money Heist, said, “For many years, Korean content has crossed national boundaries and captivated audiences around the globe with its unrivaled composition and culture, just as Money Heist has now. For those reasons, I am attracted to the potential of a Korean adaptation of Money Heist. I am excited to see what will happen when this case unfolds against the backdrop of the Korean peninsula".

There is no doubt that Western regions such as America and the United Kingdom have produced some of the best television dramas ever. However, many Korean adaptations of Western dramas are just as good as the originals. Let’s dive into some K-Dramas that are actually remakes of classic western dramas.

In 2016, “The Good Wife” was a huge hit in the United States, and the story remains the same for the Korean remake. The Show starred cannes-winning Actress Jeon Do Yeon and was filled with talented actors.

Poster from 'The Good Wife'. (Courtesy of/tvN & CBS)

In 2018, hit television show “SUITS” that has been airing for eight seasons was green-lighted for Korean adaptation and it also gained success in Korea.

Poster from 'SUITS'. (Courtesy of/USA Networks & KBS)

And in 2020, another western drama that got picked up by Korean networks was BBC’s “Doctor Foster“ and no one have predicted this show will take the country by storm. Korean remake “The World of the Married” became the highest-rated Korean drama in cable television history, overtaking the previous record of “Sky Castle”.

Poster from 'The World of the Married' & 'Doctor Foster'. (Courtesy of/JTBC&BBC One)

On the contrary, not every adaptation turned out to be a success. CBS’s most popular drama “Criminal Minds” received low ratings even with such big-names stars. TNT’s action crime drama “Leverage” was yet another American series that did not do well in South Korea.

Netflix said in a statement that Korean version will "breathe new life into the familiar storyline and bring the material afresh to global audiences." As“The international popularity of the Spanish series ‘La Casa de Papel’ is proof that significant works based in different cultures and languages can be widely distributed through global OTT platforms and loved by audiences worldwide.”

Meanwhile, you may want to hear more on the actual Korean title as well as the cast and release date, but at the current stage there are no details yet except for the remake will feature a similar plot.