'On Your Wedding Day,' a Korean film, has set a new box office record in China

The Chinese version of "On Your Wedding Day," which was released in South Korea in 2018 and starring Park Bo-Young and Kim Young-Kwang, has set a new box office record with its explosive success over the Labour Day holiday.

According to Dengta (China’s box office data research company), the total box office during Labor Day was USD190 million, with 44.45 million viewers.

By the data of Chinese’s film record report, director Zhang Yimou’s spy film “Cliff Walkers” is leading the box office with a 38.2% market share. Then comes “On Your Wedding Day”, which has a 24.3 percentages share. The two movies released on the same day. In the case of “On Your Wedding Day” has a cumulative audience of 2.07 million within five days of its release, “Cliff Walkers” were 2.87million audiences".

photo source: Google

China's box office recovery is being hailed as a positive sign by the film industry, which is still reeling from the pandemic. "On Your Wedding Day," a remake of a Korean film, is one of the positive signs of them.

In the fact, the Chinese film industry was dominated by films that emphasize patriotism. However, it confirmed the popularity of Korean contents in the Chinese film industry through the success of “On Your Wedding Day”.

With its warm first love tale story, "On Your Wedding Day " tends to have captivated young Chinese people. It seems to be close to the success of Jun Ji-hyun and Cha Tae- hyun’s film "My New Sassy Girl," which was also very successful in China when it was released in Korea in 2001.

Article Source: https://n.news.naver.com/article/081/0003184267