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PepsiCo's Content Marketing Strategy - Partnership with AMC "Walking Dead"

The popular American TV series “The Walking Dead” is exploring collaboration opportunities with brands who have well-designed immersive product placement idea.

Source: Comicbook

According to a new report by American entertainment trade magazine media Variety, AMC's popular series “The Walking Dead” is exploring a brand partnership with PepsiCo.

This tangy fizzy green product will appear in "The Walking Dead: World Beyond", which aired in the United States this week. It has not only been exposed in the scene, but the beverage name also mentioned in scripted dialogue of the characters.

"This is definitely something that we love doing and want to do more across this universe," said Kim Granito, AMC Networks’ Senior VP of Integrated Marketing, in an interview with Variety. Adding that “Any real-world product introduced into the expanding mythos needs to be authentic to that world."

Source: AMC

The partnership has gained more attention because it is one of series’s count-on-one-hand exposures of the real world’s brand, followed by the kiwi-green Hyundai Tucson from Season 5. In a way to offer some possible context on how the zombie-apocalypse first began, Mountain Dew is introduced with a label from around 2010. While the emergence of the zombie outbreak has always remained unclear, this ambiguity allows fans to come up with their own theories.

Nicole Portwood, VP of Marketing for PepsiCo's Mountain Dew business, told Variety that "We believe the way the brand is shown in the episode will resonate with fans of the brand as well as the general audience."

Source: PepsiCo

As such the collaboration between media content and brand is a strategy that can maximize organic viral marketing effect. Especially, it is critical to be integrated impeccably into the content and utilized as an indispensable merchandise in the flow of the story. As a result, it will gain traffic on social media and play an overarching role to further enhance brand awareness and build a positive brand image.

Ever-expanding content market with more collaboration opportunities between brands and Content is what the industry is expecting to see more in the future.

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