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Product Placement in BTS’s New Variety Show “In The SOOP”

BTS’s new variety program, ‘IN THE SOOP BTS Ver.’ aired on JTBC (South Korea) this summer and is also available globally and exclusively on BTS Weverse. While JTBC will be airing eight 60-minute episodes, Weverse will be airing eight 80-minute episodes including eight 10-minute exclusive “behind the scenes”, totaling to 16 episodes.

Photo Source: JTBC

BTS officially endorses everything from ice cream, massage chairs to cars.

BTS has widespread public perception and needless to say it’s a great opportunity to not only increase sales but to increase brand recognition overseas.

“In The SOOP’ is a relaxing travel reality show, and the program follows BTS as each member composes a personal schedule of activities for each single day, spending their time away from the stage, work, and city life by enjoying scenery, hobbies and cooking. It is said that there is no consultation or communication between the BTS members and the filming staff, and the program is known for being entirely unscripted.

However, despite all this premise, the members have promoted many of their endorsed products at random times. Some fans even revealed that the best part of BTS's 'In the SOOP' reality series is watching the members openly advertising all of their endorsed products in one program.

BTS’s biggest appeal for many brands is their wide age-range of their fandom. They range from teens to those in their 50s, which hardly the case for many other idols or celebrities. Their previous endorsement of the Samsung Galaxy20 and Buds sold out within 1 hr despite the bundle price being as high as 1300 dollars. Bodyfriend, luxury massage chair, recorded the most sales since their inception in May. Other products advertised by BTS or in collaboration with boy groups, have also outperformed expectations. The BTS t-money cards, a top-up transportation card, targeted for those in their teens and 20s sold in CU stores are so popular which cause short supply multi times.

Photo Source: Big Hit Entertainment. CU x BTS T-money collaboration

In addition, the nationalities of ARMY, BTS's official fandom name, are as diverse as their ages. In fact, Lemona, a number one selling Vitamin C product, has raised their profile thanks to BTS global popularity and by launching special BTS edition Lemona products in the US on Amazon and China via Taobao in 2019.

Photo Source: JTBC show, BTS members wearing FILA

During the latest BTS online concert, BigHit, the management company of BTS, featured ads from their endorsements including Lotte Chilsung, FILA, Lemona and Samsung. It publicly reported 756k viewers and it is never easy to expose 750k people all over the world to ads at one sitting. One industry source said, “BTS advertising model fee is the highest in the industry but their impact is beyond imagination. For brands who want to expand to overseas markets, it’s a great opportunity to raise their brand recognition in the shortest amount of time.