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Product Placement In K-Dramas Spikes Home Furniture Sales

Emons Furniture, a local furniture company specializing in unique designs, has seen the effects of product placement through brand sponsorship in TV dramas. Especially this year, as the demand for the furniture industry increased significantly due to the “staying home order”, Emons Furniture had a prosperous year by focusing on the homebody through integrating product placement in some of the highest-rating Korean dramas.

(Photo Source: Emons Homepage)

Emons’s brand sponsorship of KBS2 weekend drama “Once Again” recorded an audience rating of 30.9% and surpassed its own highest ratings. Furniture was spotted in the room of the three sisters which background in the scene drew attention to the TV viewers.

Emons Furniture Public Relations Manager Roh Hyeon-gwan said, “We will continue to make efforts to approach and communicate with our customers through brand integration & sponsorship in many more TV dramas.”

According to Emons Furniture, by the end of November this year, the cumulative sales increased by 8% for offline stores and 29% for the online markets. As a result, sales are being counted at approximately 190 billion won which turned into a surplus from last year deficit with sales of 169.9 billion.

The reason for the spike in sales includes the increase in home furnishing demand due to Covid-19 and also the marketing effect of successful drama advertisement (PPL). First and foremost, the amount of time spent at home for both employees and students raised the demand for small household furniture and interiors. However, more importantly it is evaluated that Emons Furniture captured these consumers’ appetites through brand integration in top ratings drama.

Emons revealed that it had provided production support for JTBC’s "The World of The Married"(16 episodes) and KBS’s "Once Again"(100 Episodes), two of the most popular dramas this year. According to the Emons Furniture, it even put great efforts to bring professional designers and space arrangements experts to display furniture that fit the background of the drama set and the image of the actors. Providing customized products for each drama scene had a positive effect on improving the brand overall image.

(Photo Source: The couple's bedroom in Drama "The World of The Married")

In fact, post "The World of The Married", Emons Furniture witnessed a spike in the demand for the Luciano model of their couch collection. In an interview, as Emons representative commented, “People are asking for Kim Hee Ae couch.”

“As the drama became very popular, the search rate for Emons or Emons furniture also doubled on the portal compared to last year,” said head of Emons Furniture. Dione beds have seen a greater effect than CF (advertisement) as sales volume increased significantly from the previous year.”

(Photo Source: The dinning room in Drama "The World of The Married")

After witnessing the sales increase, Emons decided to double down and drive this momentum by partnering with another KBS’s promising KBS drama “Oh! Samkwang Villa” and “Cheat on me, If you can” which started airing earlier this month.