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Remaking South Korean Content is Becoming a Global Trend

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In just one month, the film "Man in Love," which was released in China on April 11, grossed 256.8 million yuan (about 45.4 billion won). This is a remarkable feat at a time when theaters are suffering from the effects of Covid-19. The film is noteworthy because it is a Chinese remake of the Korean film "When a Man Loves." The film, which was released in 12,000 theaters in 100 cities in China, received a lot of attention as the "No. 1 willing-to-watch movie" among moviegoers.

Korean content creators are gaining attention in the international market. Remakes of works certified in Korea are also being requested. Recently, Hollywood production company Skybound announced that they will remake "The Villainess," which will be shown on Amazon TV's global online video service (OTT). Korean production company NEW said, "We recently signed a contract with Amazon TV to sell a remake right for the movie "The Villainess," which is a 2017 film.

'The Villainess,' starring Kim Ok-bin, was invited to the Cannes International Film Festival and garnered positive reviews. "The Villainess" will be produced by Doug Jung, the author of "Star Trek Beyond", with Francisca Hu who is the playwriter of "Dynamic". Also, the legendary US drama "Walking Dead" producer "Skybound" took charge of the whole project. Whether "The Villainess" would successfully be remade to US drama is looked forward to.“The Villainess” is an action thriller about an Asian woman who gets adopted by a white family.

This contract proves that Korean content is getting attention in the global market. The Korean Wave, which had only been in Asia in the past, has risen significantly due to the success of BTS and the movie "Parasite."

The movie "Miracle in Cell No. 7," which attracted 12 million viewers in Korea, will be remade in Spain. "Rock & Rouse," founded by Miguel Rouge, who directed Netflix's original series "Black Mirror," will be in charge of production. Mario Casas, a former best actor in the "Goya Awards," is drawing attention even before production, as he is expected to be the lead actor.

The power of Korean storytelling has also been demonstrated in the domains of entertainment and documentary filmmaking. "I Can See Your Voice," a Mnet entertainment program, has been broadcasted in 18 countries around the world.

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“I Can See Your Voice”, which distinguishes tone-deaf and talented participants among participants, has been at the center of attention with its innovative project. Especially in Britain, France, and Russia, the heat was very hot. The sixth episode, which aired on the BBC One channel in the U.K., reached nearly 5 million viewers on May 15. With a 28.1 percent share of viewership, the show set a milestone of No.1 overall non-sports shows in the U.K. on the same day. In France, the number of viewers reached 2.2 million, and in Russia, the highest number of viewers increased to 3.8 million.

The remake of the Korean documentary "My Love, Don't Cross that River" is also Netflix's work. The story of four couples who continue their elderly love around the world has moistened fans' eyes. In other words, Korean content is captivating viewers around the world in all areas of movies, dramas, entertainment, and documentary. There are more cases that seek to partner with high-quality Korean content as the number of global OTTs grows.

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