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“Studio Dragon and Apple+ are working on an American Series production.”

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*Studio Dragon is a South Korea drama production, marketing and distribution company under CJ ENM’s E&M division.

Studio Dragon announced on January 1st that it will sign a cooperative planning and production deal for the mystery fantasy genre "The Big Door Prize" with Apple TV Plus and Skydance Media. This is the first time a Korean studio has produced an American drama series for worldwide audiences rather than just selling the final product or the rights to reproduce it. The Big Door Prize' is a 10-episode human drama that combines fantasy and mystery genres, based on M.O. Walsh's novel of the same name, written by David West Read, who won the Emmy Award for his work "Schitt's Creek”. The collaboration with talented artists who have been recognized globally in the genre raises expectations for the results.

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Studio Dragon has begun partnering with Apple TV Plus, which is rapidly increasing as a global streaming service after Netflix and has set the ground for expanding its influence as a global studio as a result of this arrangement. "The Big Door Prize," in particular, is a season-based narrative, and sales and earnings are likely to increase if the season continues.

Since signing a "strategic collaboration for joint production and investment of global content" with leading U.S. producer SkyDance Media early last year, Studio Dragon has been actively sharing original IPs held by the two businesses. In addition to "The Big Door Prize," which confirmed its production, Studio Dragon's four IP works, including "Hotel Del Luna," are planning and developing remakes, and other original versions of Sky Dance Media are also under discussion, which is likely to lead to a second success story.

"Since we introduced the first drama studio model in Korea in 2016, Studio Dragon has been challenging to be competitive in the global media market, and we have made every effort to directly enter the industry-leading U.S. market," said CEO Kang Chul-koo. "With 'The Big Door Prize,' we will mold the global production process and create a worldwide studio that will serve as a priming water for talented Korean content producers to play on the global stage," he said.

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