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The opportunity marketers should find in the New Normal

The brand marketing through Entertainment content began in 1945 when John Crawford made the brand stand out in the scene of the film “Mildred Pierce” where the main characters were drinking “Bourbon Whiskey”. And since M&M's chocolate brand 'Reese's Piece' increased sales by 66% right after it was exposed in the most dramatic communication scene between ET and the protagonist in the movie ‘ET’, Brand Integration(Product Placement) started to gain attention as an effective marketing strategy.

After that, however, the Product Placement market had been stagnant for a while due to the rise of other marketing skills such as media advertisements.

Recently, due to the global pandemic and the rise of streaming platforms, the media entertainment market has been steeply growing, more people are spending their time online watching media content.

More people have greater access to entertainment than ever before, and this opened the door for brands to experiment with a lot of different marketing methods.

Especially the Brand Integration (Product Placement) method, which is a strategy that is including the brand more deeply into the story or dialogue of entertainment content across an entire episode or season, is reborn as a new, effective strategy.

"Brands have realized the value, flexibility, and ROI of integrating products or services directly into content, rather than relying only on traditional advertising."

In particular, since Brand Integration(Product Placement) naturally melts into the story of the content, the viewers feel that it is less intrusive than other advertisement skills, Also it is easy to stimulate consumer sentiment by seeing the actors in the content actually using the brand, and arouses high curiosity about it. Therefore, it has a strong likelihood of directly connecting to an increase in sales.

BBQ, Fried Chicken Franchise Brand, has increased its sale by 70% after conducting Product Placement in <Crash Landing On Love>

Hwa Ae Rak Innergetic (Health Functional Food, Korean Red Ginseng Jelly Stick) has increased its sale by 61% after Product Placement in <Itaewon Class>

“As this evolution continues, marketers need a nuanced understanding of how branded integration came to fruition in popular culture, how it has changed over the years and the challenges it faces.” (Caressa Douglas, 2018, Why marketers should let brand integration history repeat itself)

Becoming part of the content will only continue to grow in importance and it is creating enormous opportunities and challenges for brands to creatively and authentically integrate into entertainment while reaching their desired audiences.

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