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The Place for Short Films in the Rising Short-Form Content Market

The fall of short-form streaming platform Quibi has reversely raised attention for short-form format and its possibility.

As the demand for a short-form format that can be consumed quickly and easily has risen, media are pouring out content with 20 to 30 minutes running time through various platforms. Many productions are creating works that reflect the tastes of the younger generation which can be enjoyed casually for “Killing Time”.

source: Quibi

However, the short-form’ content in the film industry which is the ‘short-film’ is treated a little differently. Short films are still considered as the first step of amateur directors starting their career and it was difficult to find screens distributing their works.

Writing the scenario, directing, casting actors and staff, and the production cost, all of the stages were progressed at a level that the director could realistically afford. Therefore, it was recognized as an unrefined amateur work.

source: Filmdaily

However, this also adds huge competitiveness. Because the director deals with all the details of production, it clearly reveals what he is trying to say within a short period of time, and this enables the audience to closely look into the topic.

Perhaps that is why, recently, audiences preferring short films have begun to emerge. They explain the attractiveness of short films as ‘the diverse genre and topic’ and that 'the topic is the use of a sharp and whimsical imagination to show the social phenomena of this era in which we live.'

Big streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime are also continuously investing in Short-Form content including Short Films. Experts are predicting that Short Form content will be universally accepted and desired in a world where attention spans are shortening and within that trend, Short Films will overcome its recognition as amateur work and get more attention in the Media Entertainment market.

In the upcoming era of short-form content, it is exciting to see what place and position the Short Films will take.

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