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The Record-Breaking Popular Taiwanese Drama Will Be Remade In Korea

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Korean production company Npioe Entertainment and Lian Contents announced that they have completed the remake rights contract for Taiwan's popular drama <Someday Or One Day 想見你> produced by Taiwan's Fox Network Group, and will start producing the Korean version in earnest.

Co-written by some of Taiwan's most notable writers, <Someday Or One Day> tells the story of a girl who misses her boyfriend even after he died and meets a man who looks exactly same as him by accidentally returning to 1998 through a portable cassette player.

When it was aired on Taiwan's terrestrial broadcast(CTV) in November 2019, <Someday Or One Day> recorded the highest ratings among every program aired for last eight years with an average viewer ratings of 4.16% for women aged 25 to 49. It also ranked first in the same time slot for 12 weeks. In addition, through Taiwan's Fox Network Group Star China Channel (SCC), the final episode recorded the highest average audience rating of 1.01% for women aged 25 to 49, surpassing the highest ratings of dramas for 13 years and gaining popularity as a syndrom.

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In addition, it achieved more than 1 billion views worldwide through OTT platforms all around the world including China, such as iQIYI and Tencent, as well as in Taiwan. In April 2020, it was broadcasted on the cable channel WeLike in Korea, and topped the Asian chart. It was also broadcast on Hong Kong TVB J2 channel, Japan Home Drama channel, and Malaysia's ASTRO, which gained huge popularity.

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<Someday Or One Day> was nominated for six awards at the 55th Golden Bell Awards in Taiwan, and won four awards among them. It was also nominated for the BIFF Asia Contents Awards "Best Creative" and "Best Asian Drama" at the Busan International Film Festival, Korea.

<Someday Or One Day>, which has gained explosive Asian popularity, is the only overseas dramas that is included in all OTTs in Korea, and is gaining the interest of the domestic industry and fans are very interested. It is said that Korea's leading broadcasters and leading drama producers competed fiercely for the remake rights contract <Someday Or One Day>.