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The Rise of Korean TV Series Productions

Photo Source : BBC

The value of Korean TV series has been on the rise since the spread of the Covid -19. In the meantime, it is completely changing the situation from the one-sided and outsourced broadcasting structure that is supplied to local broadcasters, to the emergence of global online video services (OTT) such as Netflix.

In particular, as Disney Plus, HBO Max (MAX) and Apple TV are considering to enter Asian market, and be eager to secure content, the stock market predicts that production companies' value will rise further in the future.

The rise is mostly due to changes in platforms such as Netflix, beyond the terrestrial-oriented distribution structure. On top of that, there exist expectations that the Chinese market will re-open due to the move to lift the ban on the Korean content.

Another reason why Korean series producers are drawing attention is that they own intellectual property rights. In the past, if the export stage was set up around broadcasting companies, the concept of production companies owning intellectual property rights is changing recently.

Photo Source: Icbis

Photo Source : ABC7 News

It is expected that demand of Korean series for Apple TV, Disney+ HBO max will be concentrated on small and medium-sized companies. As a global OTT, it is necessary to produce contents that can be a global hit. As benefits are likely to expand not only to large companies but also to small and medium-sized manufacturers, tight investment strategies are expected to be needed to pay attention to short-term as well as mid- to long-term industrial and corporate changes.