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Three Dramas That show the latest trends in Chinese Film and TV

Keeping up with emerging trends, Chinese Contents is breaking the record.

Blintn have carefully selected three dramas that help you to see the most recent trends of Chinese Film and TV at a glance. This selection has achieved achievements in a variety of formats, including movies, dramas, and OTT original series, and two of them are released this year.

The Bad Kids (隐秘的角落)

Director: Shuang Xin | 2020 | China | Season 1 (12 eps) | iQIYI | Crime/suspense drama

Cast: Hao Qin, Zishan Rong, Jingchun Wang, Pengyuan Shi, Shengdi Wang

source: iQIYI

An old couple out for a hike ended up falling down from the cliff. Imagine that the perpetrator is the son-in-law about to take a picture for them, and the old couple who just fell off are his elderly in-laws. This unassuming scene is the opening scene of the hit crime thriller web drama <The Bad Kids>, which was released on China's leading OTT platform iQIYI in June.

Adapted from another hit novel released by Zi Jinchen, the author of <Burning Ice(2014)> created this remake version of the story ‘The Bad Kids’. Early in 2018, streaming giant iQiyi has bought the adaption rights and transformed it to a successful original series on its own platform.

Web drama ‘The Bad Kids’ has received rave reviews and lifts Chinese suspense dramas to a new level. Since its release, it has received positive reviews from nearly 800,000 viewers on online review platform Douban, with an average score of 9.2 out of 10. Besides its impeccable cinematography quality, it has also earned sweeping praise for its intriguing plots, superb acting, tight pacing.

Burning Ice (無證之罪)

Director: Lu Xing | 2017 | China | Season 1 (12 eps) | iQIYI | Crime/suspense drama

Cast: Hao Qin, Jiajia Deng, Lu Yao, Dai Xu, Wang Zhen.

source: iQIYI

With notes saying “Come and catch me” and the snowman left from the crime scenes, no other clue can be found to solve this intricate murder case.

Yu Guo, a leading member of a local “Ant Tribe” is unintentionally drawn into a homicide case through his ex-girlfriend, Hui-ru Zhu, who gets embroiled in this case and needs his help to clear her name. While trying to protect his loved one, Liang Yan, a dismissed-cop, also joined the investigation team.

<Burning Ice> is a criminal mystery web drama that uncovers the truth of an unprecedented "snowman murder case." This drama is based on Zi Jinchen's novel <Untouched Crime>, and shows a fast-paced and reversal scenes. The imagination and intuition of the protagonist, detective Yan Liang, stand out the most in the drama. This web drama also produced by the Netflix of China - iQIYI, in 2017, and it has garnered attention for selling overseas streaming rights to Netflix.

Spring Tide (春潮)

Director: Yang Lina | 2019 | China | 124min | Fiction | Available on Smartcinema

Cast: Hao Lei, Elaine Jin Yan-ling, Qu Junxi, Li Wenbo, Huang Shanghe

Production company: Shanghai Aimei Film and TV Media Co.

source: Smart Cinema

News journalist Guo Jianbo is a working mom who writes accusations while leaving her daughter to her mother. Her mother, Ji Minglan, is a typical character portraying old generation, loves to point out problems in society, but always dissatisfied with her own daughter, whose private life is a mess. The mother and daughter fight for primary child custody for Guo Jianbo's daughter, Guo Wanting, reflecting the emotional demands deeply engraved on each other.

The title <Spring Tide> refers to a phenomenon that occurs when the sun and moon are in opposite directions. At this time, the gap between the tide and ebb is maximized, and it metaphors the mother-daughter relationship, where feelings for each other overflow or become too familiar to indifference each other. The film also illustrates the Chinese people's ambivalence toward the Party. ‘Spring Tide’ won the filming award at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

As can be seen from the above films and TV series, Chinese contents are gradually adding new themes and formats and gearing up premium contents for the audiences. In addition, the quality of screenplay, cinematography, and visualization together has proven its tremendous progress.

One more noteworthy point is that as Chinese content steadily began to enter the global OTT platform, it began to prove its competitiveness in the global content market as well as the domestic market in China. The future growth of Chinese media content and its reputation on the global stage is definitely worth looking forward to.

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