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TOP 3 Successful Remakes made in Korea

As the trading in the global content market became more active, Korea, which has mainly exported its content overseas, is also releasing works that have been remade after foreign original work. <Golden Slumber>, starring “Gang Dong-Won” and <The Vanished> starring “'Kim Hee Ae”, are both Korean remakes of overseas works. And among them, there are Top 3 remakes that have gained much more success than the foreign originals.

From left, the Official Poster of <Lucky>, <Cold Eyes>, <All about my wife>

<Lucky> - Yoo Hae Jin

<Lucky>, starring “Yoo Hae Jin,” is a Korean film remake of the Japanese film <Key of Life>. Since there weren't many cases of success by remaking Japanese movies in Korea, the industry concerned about it.

However, the lead actor 'Yoo Hae Jin' had an outstanding acting skill, and the background plot that the position of the protagonists being reversed in Korea was not a new theme, it was favorably noticed by the audiences and gathered 7M viewers making a great box office success.

<Cold Eyes> - Jung Woo Sung

<Cold Eyes> is a remake of the Hong Kong movie <Eye in the Sky>. It was important to change the settings while bringing the contents of the original work set in Hong Kong to Seoul in 2010.

<Cold Eyes> was evaluated as a “remake that surpassed the original” and attracted 5.5 M viewers by tensely depicting the chase scenes of detectives of the surveillance team who must constantly remember what they saw and heard, and intelligent criminals who are one step ahead of them.

<All About My Wife> - Ryu Seung Ryong

<All About My Wife> is a remake of the Argentinean film <A Boyfriend for My Wife>. The reason <All About My Wife> is attracting attention is that it is a remake of a romantic comedy genre, which is very hard to succeed in box offices.

Also, Argentina is a country that is not in Asia like Korea. So, there were some parts that were difficult to draw cultural consensus. However, it attracted 4.6 million viewers with the efforts of the directors who made good use of the leading actors' acting skills and the original work.

Recently, the Korean remake film <Cold Eyes> has exported the remake copyright to Japan again, and Japan's <Cold Eyes> has been confirmed to produce a remake film. This has made a series of Hong Kong-Korea-Japan remake.

With this opportunity, we hope that various remake works become produced more actively and spread the original content’s touching impressions all over the world.

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