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TV, Video Trends in China


Celebrating the Lunar New Year holiday, China's CCTV Spring Festival Gala was broadcasted live to 170 countries this year. 1.23 billion Viewers watched the festival this year which is an increase of 59 million viewers increase since last year. The biggest change was the sequence of the annual festival. Performances were added at the end of the broadcast to pay tribute to the workers who suffered from the COVID-19. There have been some changes made in China’s media industry as well. iQIY, an online video service, provided free access to more than 140 popular dramas and movies, while Hunan TV also recruited 500 audiences to watch artists perform online and vote in real-time on their online platform, Mango TV. The artists took videos of them performing and delivered those videos to broadcasting stations online, to ensure safety from the COVID-19. Lastly, there have been changes in the Chinese viewers; content viewing due to the change in the production system caused by the COVID-19.

Source S&P Global Market Intelligence

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