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[Webinar] Asian Content Renaissance: Media Industry Trends Across the U.S., the U.K., and Asia

In 2021, the globalization of Korean content is faster and more active than ever.

From the world-wide popular Korean contents <Sweet Home> and <Space Sweepers>, released as the Netflix's original, to Chinese major OTT iQIYI's securing of more than 30 Korean drama broadcasting rights including"Jirisan" and “My Roommate is Gumiho”, the environment has been created for Korean content to spread globally. In addition, the movie "Minari," which has won 61 global awards and gained worldwide attention, is considered as an achievement created by international collaboration between Korean actors, Hollywood producers, and Korean-American director.

As the movement to secure competitive Korean content appears worldwide and international cooperation for global content production is becoming more important than ever, the opportunity to enter the international market for Korean production companies is increasing.

In order to establish a differentiated content globalization strategy that reflects the trend of the global media industry, blintn Webinar will invite a famous director actively performing across the U.S., China, and the U.K. to deliver media insights.

Asian Content Renaissance: Media Industry Trends Across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Asia.

Webinar Date:

February 25th (Thursday), 15:00 - 16:00

*The lecture will be held in English, and Korean subtitles will be provided.


- Changes in needs of content and future prospects of the global major media market

- Key Points to be noted to collaboration with global studios

- Strategies for Globalizing Asian Content

Webinar Speaker : Weiwei Si

Director Weiwei Si has been actively performing in media industry across the U.S., China, and the U.K., from global blockbusters such as "007 Skyfall" and "Wonder Woman 1984" to the drama <同学两亿岁 (동학양억세)> which was widely popular all around China.

Webinar Application :

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It is expected to be a deeply meaningful time for many producers. Please give us a fond of interest and requests.

Introducing Blinton Webinar:

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