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[Webinar] Want to place your brand in top Korean dramas? Join our free webinar!

With a global pandemic and a dramatic change in consumer consumption patterns, content marketing is more important to brands than ever before. The growth in streaming video services has increased advertising opportunities outside of conventional media. However, the rise in the ad-skipping / ad-blocking and cord-cutting ratio made it important for marketers to respond to these consumer habits and to become more flexible than ever before.

It's a moment that has both challenges and opportunities for Brands. Marketers, therefore, need to realize how important content marketing is, in particular the strategic value of integrating brands into the entertainment content.

Thus, blintn has prepared a webinar to help marketers by offering insights on "How to execute an effective content marketing strategy through collaboration with Korean Content."


: Content Renaissance, Collaboration strategy with Korean content


: October 27, 2020

16:00 - 17:00 (GMT+8)

15:00 - 16:00 (GMT+7)

*English subtitles provided./

*100 Seats Limited.


- Korean top-tier drama producer

- Attorney at law specialized in Media & Entertainment

In this webinar, you will learn

1) The most powerful strategy for marketers who need to be flexible with changes in content consumption trends

2) The potential and impact of Korean content on the Asian market

3) Brand marketing strategy in partnership with Korean content and the most successful way of collaborating

We also planned three exclusive deals for the Brands that participate in our first webinar.

#1 EARLY BIRD EVENT: Get a voucher worth USD 9,999

Among the brands that have

1) Registered before 21 October,

2) Attended our webinar on 27 October,

We are going to draw 5 brands and give our USD 9,999 voucher that can be used in our Branded Entertainment platform to collaborate with Korean Content. So save your spot early for our webinar and also grab the chance of getting our special voucher!

#2 ASKblintn EVENT

To precisely grasp the needs of the brand marketers that are interested in our webinar, we are doing a pre-survey.

Ask anything you’re curious about our webinar, service, etc. ! We provide helpful answers to your question at the end of our webinar.

For those who have submitted their answers, we are offering a FREE service for

1) Curation of Korean content that perfectly suits the concept of the product/service of the Brand

2) 1:1 Customized consulting for the most natural and effective brand integration strategy

3) Legal advice during actual Brand Integration process from Culture&Law, a law firm specializing in the culture industry

Submit your answers here!

#3 Exclusive collaboration opportunities with Korean Top tier dramas

We are offering exclusive opportunities for the Brands participating in our first webinar. We are planning to send out a follow-up report that contains collaboration opportunities with Top-tier K-dramas. Don’t miss out on the best chance for effective content marketing !!

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