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Will the Banning of the Korean Wave by Chinese Government Be Eased?

The movie <Catman>, starring famous K-POP Star Sehun, will be released on March 14 through Tencent Video, the local OTT (Online Video Streaming Service) in China.

Photo Source : KPopStarz

It was directed by Park Hee-gon, the director of the movie <Fengdang> and was completed in 2016. However, it was not released for four years due to the regulation on Hanlyu in the following year.

The film was mostly Chinese-made with Chinese capital, but given that Korean actors, directors and production companies participated, it is estimated that the release of the film has been delayed due to the regulation on Hanlyu since the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) deployment.

The Hanlyu, which had been hot, cooled rapidly, and China's door, which was recognized as a new cultural market, had been firmly closed.

Photo Source : Times of India

Recently, however, there have been signs of a slight change in the atmosphere.

First of all, regarding the 30th anniversary of Korea-China diplomatic relations next year, China declared this year and next year as the "Year of Cultural Exchanges between Korea and China." It has changed by granting permission to some Korean companies

The industry is expecting that China will give new permits to Korean games and move to resume tourism, lifting sanctions on content.

Another official said, "Chinese President Xi Jinping is also moving to Korea this year," adding, "If the President visits Korea, we expect that the Korean wave regulations will be lifted little by little."

These political changes set the backdrop for <Catman> to screen in four years.

<Catman> is actually promoting the movie with Hanlyu star Sehun at the forefront.

As before 2017, it is expected that Korean films will continue to enter China.

The easing of restrictions on the Korean Wave is a good sign for Korean content to enter the Chinese market. It is important not to miss the flow of the rapidly changing Asian media market.